Your day will start with live entertainment by Joshua+Kristina, who will be performing all your favourite love songs while you wait for the beautiful bride and her attendants to walk down the aisle. The music will continue until the last moments of the ceremony.

The vocal and piano duo will continue to provide music during the cocktail hour, while you make your own Hollywood entrance with a customized red-carpet velvet-rope celebrity backdrop - photographs encouraged!

While you enjoy this unique photo-op Ashley and Ryan will be off having their own professional photographs taken along with their bridal party and family members.

The hall will be lit with ambiance lighting during the dinner hour and the DJ will have you dancing all night long to your favourite tunes!

Don't forget to grab some props and stop by the state-of-the-art mirror booth for some unforgettable #selfies to finish off the evening!

Welcome to Ashley Beaulieu's bridal shower registry!

Ashley has generously chosen to register for items that her wedding guests may enjoy alongside herself and Ryan, to create timeless memories of the time shared with family and friends.

Ashley Beaulieu's Registry


Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to make arrangements directly to the company she has chosen to provide her wedding services.

Upon receipt of payment, a printable certificate will be emailed to you that you may include in a card, thanking you for helping the beautiful bride to have a dream wedding everyone will remember forever.